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Galerie Lichtblick proudly presents

Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting 2019

May 3 - 12

For the 8th year Galerie Lichtblick/ Tina Schelhorn and KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO/ Beso Khaindrava are organizing the main festival program with exhibitions of Georgian and International photographers and a series of workshops with well known photographers from all over the world.

Sanne De Wilde / NOOR The Island of the Colorblind


curated and organized by Tina Schelhorn

5.May - 19.00
Tbilisi History Museum, Karvasla

Tales of Islands
Kate Mellor • Osamu James Nakagawa • Marc Raeder • Sanne De Wilde / NOOR

Sanne De Wilde, Antwerp
The Island of the Colorblind

In the late 18th century a catastrophic typhoon swept over Pingelap, a tiny atoll in the Pacific Ocean. One of the survivors, the king, carried the rare achromatopsia-gen that causes complete colorblindness. The king went on to have many children and as time passed by, the hereditary condition affected the isolated community and the islanders started seeing the world in black and white.

Osamu James Nakagawa, Bloomington, USA
Banta Cliffs, 2006-2008

The hyperreal quality of Nakagawa’s photographs of the towering cliffs of Okinawa stems from the artist’s use of digital technology – he stitched together multiple exposures to create images in which every plane is in razor-sharp focus – as well as tight cropping and dizzying perspectives. He was drawn to the cliffs, because of their severe beauty and emotionally complex history. When American forces invaded Okinawa in spring 1945, thousands of Okinawans threw themselves off the steep cliffs.

Kate Mellor, UK
Island: The Sea Front

This series contains 48 photographs made round the coast of England 50km apart using the grid reference system.
The photographs were made 1989-1994, at the time the Channel Tunnel was constructed, using a Widelux panoramic camera always looking towards the horizon, a central visual theme connecting the images. The horizon line represents a border – one you can see but which does not exist. Move towards the line and it draws away from you.

Marc Raeder, Berlin
Mallorca - Island in Progress

Marc Raeder has landed on a Spanish island known primarily as a Mediterranean holiday hot spot. Over the course of four years, he watched the drastic changes of landscape and architecture, and the annual flow of some ten million tourists over the island. Like an archaeologist, he digs with his camera through the different decades of a paradise being changed by the parameters of global capitalism.


Tales of Venice
Graziano Arici

Salvadore Dali, 1948

Robert Mapplethorpe




Kolga Tbilisi
Photo Meeting 2019

May 3 - 12, 2019

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